About Us


J. Michael’s Family Sports Pub is family owned and operated by the Bonomo Family. The Bonomos have been Pelham residents since moving from upstate NY in 1980.


The Bonomos at a glance:


·         Sue and Jim decided to open a restaurant around the same time they should have been retiring.  If that's not an empty nest issue I don't know what is.  Sue and Jim can be found at J. Michael's on a daily basis.  They both do their best to engage customers in conversation, not just for good service, but mostly because they are great people who like to be part of the community.


·         Jonathan, Stephanie, Max, and Dylan live in MA, but Jonathan is at J. Michael's daily.  It's a shame J. Michael's doesn't sell any of Stephanie's baked goods, especially her pineapple upside down cake.  Max and Dylan can be seen running around on occasion.  You'll know Max because he'll be playing Ironman with whoever will engage with him, and Dylan will be chasing him around...until she sees her Dad...then she'll cry until he picks her up.


·         Jeffrey and Oana also live in MA but try to help out on Sundays.  Jeffrey works behind the bar and Oana makes sure the couches downstairs are suitable for napping.


·         Jeremy, Bria, and Alina are a little further away.  They are in the mid-west.  Bria is from the mid-west, but she was vital in the revitalization of Charlestown, MA.  Jeremy is proving that he is the best coach in the family, which is good because he never made it to the best athlete in the family.  Alina is the spitting image of Jeremy, let's just hope she has her uncles' athletic ability, not her Dad's.



J. Michael’s is open 7 days a week.

11am-11pm Everyday 


J. Michael’s unique restaurant setting is specifically created for families to come and enjoy great reasonably priced food (many homemade recipes) in a relaxed pub setting with 30 plus TV’s to watch all sporting events. Kids are expected to be seen and heard here! Our menu includes 8 choices of kid’s meals. The kid’s meal includes a drink, meal with fries and a cup of ice cream. J. Michael’s is a great place to come after a game with the whole team, coaches, parents and siblings. Our menu ranges from appetizers, soups, sandwiches, dinners to deep fried candy bars and brownies. We have 50 cent wing night every Monday 8pm-10pm and $2.00 and $3.00 dollar drafts Monday – Friday, 4pm-6pm. We offer free Wi-Fi!! Upstairs we can accommodate large gatherings where there is a game room. Our downstairs family room is also fun for smaller gatherings and meetings.